The American Legion presented its National Education Award to The Eddie Eagle Program. September 1995

The American Legion passed a resolution encouraging its Posts and Departments to introduce Eddie Eagle to elementary schools and law enforcement agencies in their communities. May 1995

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation awarded a $25,000 grant to The Eddie Eagle Program. October 1995

The Youth Activities Division of the National Safety Council awarded its silver Award of Merit to The Eddie Eagle Program for its efforts to "promote safety and health, save lives, lessen injury and reduce economic loss." October 1996

National Safety Council presented its Citation for Outstanding Community Service Award to program creator and NRA President Marion P. Hammer. October 1993

The National School Public Relations Association presented its Golden Achievement Award to the program. April 1994

The Alaska State Legislature passed a resolution supporting the NRA's Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program and recommending state education officials implement the program. in their schools. January 1994

The Florida Senate passed a resolution recognizing the success and usefulness of the program in 59 of 67 counties. March 1994

Florida Governor Lawton M. Chiles signed an official proclamation declaring the week of December 1-7, 1996, "Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Week." November 1996

The Georgia Legislature passed a resolution encouraging school systems in Georgia to adopt the program and civic and community service organizations to help provide funding at the local level. April 1995

Idaho Governor Philip E. Batt signed a proclamation encouraging the citizens of Idaho to join with the NRA and Eddie Eagle Program to promote gun safety in Idaho. He proclaimed April 4, 1996 "Eddie Eagle Day," and April 8 - 12, 1996, "Child's Gun Safety Week" in Idaho. January 1996

The Idaho Legislature passed a resolution encouraging schools to adopt firearm safety education programs such as the NRA's Eddie Eagle Program. March 1996

Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld signed a proclamation declaring October I - 7, 1995, as "Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Week."October 1995

The Nevada Legislature passed a resolution encouraging the Department of Education and civic and community service organizations to implement and teach the program. January 1995

North Carolina enacted a bill encouraging the State Board of Education to use the program in state schools and civic organizations to help finance the program at the local level. April 1995

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating signed a proclamation recognizing The Eddie Eagle Program teaches children knowledge, discipline and responsibility in a fun way that has no other agenda other than accident prevention. He proclaimed March 4-8, 1996, as "Children's Gun Safety Week." February 1996

The State of Texas passed a resolution encouraging the Texas Education Agency to promote the use of the program in schools to help prevent firearm accidents among children. April 1993

Utah Governor Michael 0. Leavitt signed a declaration declaring the month of August 1995 as Utah Firearms Safety Education Month. Utah's Legislature enacted legislation stating schools may adopt firearm safety training as part of their curriculum. August 1995

Vermont's Legislature passed a resolution recognizing the importance of the program and encouraging school districts in Vermont to participate. Governor Howard Dean proclaimed March 15, 1995, "Eddie Eagle Day" in Vermont. March 1995

West Virginia's State Legislature passed a resolution encouraged its school systems to adopt The Eddie Eagle Program and commended the NRA for its development of the program. March 1996